Ten successful video game

In Android, the noble parts and blatant copying of successful commercial video games are everywhere. On mobile devices, if there is no “tribute”, there is almost no console or PC title. Even so, by separating the wheat from the chaff, we can still find many interesting titles that shock us to think of other licenses.

Heroes of Warfare (Overwatch)

We started to be strong. Blizzard itself (and NetEase’s Asian publisher of Overwatch) has filed a lawsuit against its creator. This is the similarity between the game system and the appearance of the game. The problem is that, although the similarities are far from obvious, there is no direct name stealing or characters, and there is never any mention of games that inspired them. Even the name of this study is mysterious.

Graffiti Stars (Splatoon)

A competitive arena in which the team that paints most of the stage its color wins. Sounds like something, right? Graffiti Stars doesn’t get as cheeky as the now-defunct Sepia Go!  using an aerial camera to show the action and generally “feel different,” but the aesthetics, color palette and development hide little of their inspiration from the Nintendo game.

Survivor Royale (PUBG)

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the most played PC video game on Steam today, and we have received a large number of clones on the Android platform in recent months to prove its success. Although we have recently listed some of the best options, other candidates have since emerged, including NetEase’s “Survivor Escape”, which ultimately equals the primitives in the number of players per game. If you spend some effort in the latest news, you will find things as interesting as actions performed in a huge building or on Terminator 2. None of us.


ARK Survival Island Evolve (ARK Survival Evolved)

You take Minecraft, you take away the cubiculated graphics and put a bunch of naked people to fight in the open field. ARK Survival Evolved has also had many adaptations on Android, most of which are as blatant as these two installments called ARK Survival Island. There, without any shame. Of course, the vast majority of these projects claim that multiplayer is “in progress,” so for now we must settle for the single-player experience crafting coconut trees and taming triceratops.

Guns of Boom (Team Fortress 2)

Valve’s game remains in force for many years to pass, laying the foundation for both aesthetic and functional for many games that came later. Guns of Boom won’t have the depth of TF2 when it comes to class differentiation in the game, but it does smell and taste with it.


Critical Ops – Counter Strike

Surely the most cloned brand on Android with literally hundreds of games that play with deception when it comes to making us believe that we are facing a pocket Counter . Citical Ops (also known as C-Ops) stands out above the rest for knowing how to condense the experience without losing the essence. Terrorists and anti-terrorists in 5vs5 confrontations along various maps and with different objectives well known to those related to the genre. No more is needed.

Turbo League (Rocket League)

Although the phenomenon begins to subside, Rocket League is also on the podium of the most played and therefore cloned, on Android. Turbo League is the most worthy of all copies by implementing ball physics and a prancing system with our vehicle quite close to that of the Psyonix game. In addition, the touch controls do not bother at all and visually it is very close to the original. Round.


NOVA Legacy – HALO

If there is a renowned study that collects all the essence of this article, it is Gameloft. Most of its production is governed by copying successful products adapting them to mobile devices, either by assembling its own GTA or, as we highlight in this case, assembling its own HALO saga with no less than several deliveries behind it. NOVA Legacy is the latest and most complete, offering both an offline and online multiplayer mode.


Top Eleven – Football Manager

Football Manager addicts have a serious problem: That even the 2015 edition remains in the top 100 most played on Steam speaks volumes about the widespread passion for sports management sims. Just a few days ago we recommended five free alternatives for Android to the Sports Interactive game, although of all of them we stayed with Top Eleven for many reasons: many official licenses, updated competitions and templates, depth in the simulator and translation into all languages. and for having.


Mobile Legends (DOTA 2 / LoL)

MOBAs were born on PC and will surely die on Android. Such is the explosion of the genre in Asian countries that there is not a day in which a new title of the genre does not arrive. Among all of them, Arena of Valor is the most played in the West for being one of the first to arrive. It was a risky claim that such a demanding genre could accommodate touch controls. Well, we will have to eat the little words.