DragonBall Evolution

Among all the disadvantages of DragonBall Evolution games, there are a few things that should be kept in mind: in an era when all Dragon Ball Z games provide the same story, retain the same characters and look too similar, this crazy adaptation is a substitute.

Of course, this is totally disappointing. But it also brings diversity to everyone who wants to try it. PSP has a cruel battle catalog: customized versions of “Tekken 6” and “Mortal Kombat” desktop version, very worthy of “Soul Sword: Intermittent Destiny”, Kratos even signed, “Street Fighter Alpha 3 “The most complete version and clear tribute to DarkStalkers, Arc System Works and SNK’s 2D classics… In 2009, the DragonBall Evolution, which was crafted from the fragile foundation of the movie, could hardly be scratched on a commercial level.

Obviously, we are facing flaws in the history of Dimps, but in the game, just like the bad movie you finally watch until the credits are reduced, it will eventually remain in your memory somewhere. As previous acquaintances said, if you set at least a bad example, then you are not completely useless.DragonBall Evolution is not a good game. I would not recommend it to you. But dare to be different.

In other words, I knew exactly what I was going to buy that day and promised that I would not pay half of the start-up price for it. I am very satisfied with the newly released Street Fighter IV. That’s a good deal, I want to put it on a shelf instead of opening it. But, of course, I prefer to play with collectibles, so I mustered up the courage to see my expectations come true: it was as bad as I suspected.

Now, after I spent two hours in story mode (if they thought of it), I came to another conclusion. This is not a good game, and I would not recommend it to you, but at least it dares to be different.

Could it have been done better? Of course. Dimps could have dared more. To design a more competitive and grateful fighting system. And to be honest, the piles of gallery extras based on a movie that I really didn’t like aren’t – not nearly as attractive. But, in perspective, I didn’t even get to play against someone else who had their own copy.

In those days he said that bad games were sold faster than they were bought and this could be one of those cases. Perhaps, and just perhaps, it was better to apply new ideas in other projects. At other times.

And yet, I realized one thing: every time someone happened to pass in front of that shelf of UMDs, reading the spines of the boxes, there was a game that stole the eyes, it was separated from the rest of the games of Dragon Ball Z and, finally, it raised the question of yore: how is this game? Is it that bad? That game is DragonBall Evolution.

DragonBall Evolution for PSP

Which does not mean that, seen in perspective, that fight proposal ended up being the last nail in the coffin of the film directed by James Wong and everything related to him, despite the fact that – paradoxically – its commercial launch in Japan and the United States was called to be the prelude to the film premiere itself.

Not even the mighty Son Goku has a pristine record on consoles

But the funny thing is that, if the 89 minutes DragonBall Evolution was already a disappointing reimagining of Goku’s first adventures, his official video game, as you will see a little further down, leads us to think that Bandai Namco had not even bothered to see the movie. Maybe they did well.

A necessary procedure: what is Dragon Ball Evolution?

At this point, it is necessary to point out: We have discussed the five paragraphs of DragonBall Evolution, and it is likely that you have not seen the movie. You have not even heard of her. Rather than dodge that bullet, it is better to jump into the mud and discover the plot of the writer himself apologizing to the world.

Bottom line: “Dragon Ball Evolution” is not the first live-action film based on Toriyama Akira’s work, but it is the first official film approved by Toeisha.


Pre-production began with the acquisition of the license by 20th Century Fox in 2002, and although -in theory- adapting the original material should not be an obstacle, getting the rights and permissions was the only easy part. : it took up to five years to find the director. Something unusual. Although, seen in perspective, much less than the uncharted movie.

At that time, the film was renamed Dragonball (to use a single word) and the director’s chair was given to veteran James Wong, director of Final Destination , one of those responsible for the success of The X-Files ( X-Files ) and declared fan of the anime. And what about the plot?