With notable exceptions, The Legend of Zelda saga is reborn and reinvented with each new installment . And he does it masterfully. From the intrinsic charm of a modest but unforgettable Link’s Awakening to the inexhaustible Hyrule of Breath of the Wild there is much more than a stretch. However, Link continues to stay true to the original essence: the spirit of adventure.

Which brings us to an interesting point: after more than 20 installments we take for granted that there are limitless ways to save the kingdom of Hyrule and keep the Triforce in balance. But leaving aside the launch order, is it possible to approach the saga in a correct order? Well, here you have to have two elements ahead:

  • On the one hand, there is an official chronology of the saga , which in turn is subdivided into three time lines. We will talk about that later.
  • On the other hand, it is possible to organize all deliveries so that, gradually, an evolutionary lineis established focused on the player’s experience ahead of events.

The fact that Nintendo has established an official timeline of the saga helps us a lot in the first case. However, this chronological order does not correspond, by any means, to the launch of each title. As a result, it is not so recommended.

Thus, our ultimate goal will be to establish the second channel, which will come in handy to catch up with upcoming deliveries or rediscover its legacy. And although it is something complicated, it is not impossible.

At VidaExtra we are going to offer you both options so that you can choose how to approach the saga, since we are aware that to properly understand Hyrule’s legacy it is necessary to have a historical perspective.

The Official Timeline: The Consequences of Link’s Success or Failure

From the beginning, Link’s adventures have been much more than the story of a young hero who embarks on a rescue mission through dangers, enemies and dungeons. To the point where the official timelines contemplate his defeat against the forces of evil.

In essence, each game of The Legend of Zelda presents us with an essential chapter within the history of the kingdom of Hyrule. At least, in the case of main deliveries. And in each of those chapters we will see how the incarnations of those chosen by the Triforce take on a crucial role. Of course, the player will always have one of those roles reserved: the one chosen by the Triforce of Valor.

Now, what is the Triforce? The world in which The Legend of Zelda universe takes place was created through the designs of three goddesses: Din , the goddess of power who created the earth; Nayru , the goddess of wisdom who created order and Farore , the goddess of courage who created life.

But before the goddesses made their creations, the three of them materialized a magical object that looked like three golden triangles: the Triforce . This item is capable of granting a wish to those who possess the virtues of power, wisdom, and courage. 

However, if these are not balanced, it will fragment into three equal parts. As a consequence, the Triforce has chosen through the ages heroes capable of embodying its unique powers.

From here and with the creation of the land, order and life, the history of the world of Hyrule would begin .