Yakuza: Like a Dragon Review

For a time, the Yakuza franchise seemed to disappear into the West. These shores have never seen many spins. It took almost 5 years to bring Yakuza to the West.

It was a painful wait. Fortunately, since then, many games have been released and the series has become increasingly popular outside of Japan.

Even my friend’s 5-year-old son was seriously playing the series, not properly.

Despite the bad parenting, the Yakuza 7 will be released in 2020, which is the first game released in the same calendar year with Japan and the first English game synchronized with the original game. The West is no longer the last thought.

Waiting for you in Yakuza to become: like a dragon

Lose 7 to become a Yakuza – The latest game is like Dragon released outside of Japan, which is different from the previous version.

Kiryu was gone, and the anti-corruption system disappeared. Instead, the new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga must use a turn-based RPG system to fight the enemy.

Having dealt with all Yakuza games (including those published only in Japan), my main question in dealing with this review is, how do you play Yakuza and how do you play JRPG?

The story begins in Ichiban, a low-rise Yakuza cramp who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for a crime he never committed, then sentenced to death and dumped in the fictional Yincho area of ​​Yokohama.

It really was all you needed to know from the beginning because it would be a shame to finish this story.

As always, because “Dragon and Tiger” brings a satisfying conclusion, the story will have many twists and turns and the background to the story will be much stronger.

Ichiban himself is a cute character, although he is more arrogant and definitely not as mature as Kiru. Still, he wore a golden heart on his sleeve.

He is also a big fan of the “Dragon Quest” series and fantasizes about himself as a hero because he imagines the character as an RPG, so he is closely associated with the new combat system.

Studio developer Ryu Ga Gotoku seems to be a huge fan of Persona 5, as it all seems to be a love letter to the game.

As you can see on the screen, this applies even to the battle menu. However, this is not a criticism, as a Yakuza: like a dragon, not obscene plagiarism, but a declaration of love.

If you’re worried about a fight based on a curve, don’t worry because it’s famous. Everything in the RPG already exists and is explained.

Before waiting for the enemy to attack, the character can perform various actions during the turn, which is actually a very traditional turn-based RPG.

The difference is how it works and how crazy it all is. It is normal to choose an attack since the character giving the order will run and attack the enemy.

After landing on the ground, another character can automatically perform a follow-up attack, but even if he doesn’t, attacking with the next character will deal additional damage.

Kick, Punch, It’s All in the Mind

Items between the character and the enemy (such as bicycles and traffic cones) are automatically picked up along the way, dealing with brutal damage. However, enemies on the way can be kicked out and damaged, and the round ends.

The perfect protection mechanism is evil and you can reduce the damage that attacks your enemies with the push of a button.

This should be timely, and each enemy has a different attack method and speed, so learning is always fun and really helps to stand out from some games in future games.

So far, it’s pretty normal, so let’s talk about abilities and summons in Like a Dragon. Skills are magical and require MP (mental points) to use. As with any game, there are many discoveries that can damage, healing groups, and cause benefits.

But what I didn’t see in another game was that a homeless person fed an enemy to attack a team of pigeons, or the enemy breathed my character and caught a cold. It spreads throughout the range and has a negative effect.

They are crazy things, and due to the influence of the work system, there are still many places to discover and try.

At first, Ichiban and the company lost their jobs and went bankrupt, so I went to the unemployment office doing what everyone would do in this situation. You can use various functions here.

Each occupation has its own set of skills that can be acquired by leveling up. Playing these games and finding the perfect skill in a particular situation is a pleasure, even if it requires a bit of sharpening.

These summonses are called “Ponder Companions” and they are the first characters that can be called on the phone to assist in combat.

The comically long cut scene that can be skipped shows that it can damage enemies and heal groups. Summoning costs money, but they are great, and certain Libra companions work only at certain times of the day.

Yakuza: I tell you, the dragon is crazy.

I just bit off the surface of my mental illness. Because it is always necessary to list all these, destroying all the skills and summons that you can find when exploring the Yakuza.

The new battle refreshes everything and the series are very different but very interesting. I spent countless hours wandering around, fighting random battles and trying to fill up my Sujimon Index or the famous Sujidex.

A tribute to Pokémon is an orc that lists all the unique characters you come across the most and rewards you when you start grabbing them all.

In case of trouble, the index adds a new interesting reason to find a battle, along with the fact that the enemy can be very crazy (for example, the enemy is only using a garbage bag). Getting XP will improve your level.

Sujidex is just one of the many other features available. To be honest, there is still a lot to do. There are too many to explain enough.

First, these side stories are back and it feels like a proper and well thought out external task in an RPG setting. Of course, hitting people to solve a problem usually reaches its peak, but some people can cause unexpected emotions, so don’t miss out.

As a rule, there are some things that are as strange as you would expect from a pharmacy. But they all help at the level. This is good because there are some tough spikes along the way and it takes a long time to crush them if you’re not careful.

The mini game is back. It is not exhaustive, but there are three notable additions. The first was the Mario Cart style racing Dragon Cart, which I have seen a lot of reports about prior to launch.

Nothing beats Mario, but it’s fun to race while shooting other racers, and there’s a story. Again, that can be a waste of time.

Yakuza 0’s asset management has also been successful, but this time the company was in charge of running the business, hiring and firing, and selecting investment content, and the company ranked first.

It’s a huge distraction from the game (in a good way), but it’s worth a lot of money, to angry shareholders and those who don’t like to see chickens sitting around the table.

I can’t sleep, the sheep eat me

Finally, there is a movie based game where the task is to keep Iiban awake in the movie while the sheep tries to put him to sleep.

If you press the correct buttons quickly, they will be disabled. Be careful not to hit the cock.

I love the latest Yakuza jobs, but they’re not without their problems. The atmosphere in Yokohama is very nice and in most cases it is a great place to explore new places. The problem is that it is too big.

Also, unlocking fast-moving places can be very tedious, as taxis are only available when the door is opened. Needless to say, lack of funds can be expensive. This can go a long way toward reaching the goal.

We also noticed momentary slowdowns and frequent loading screens that could distract the game. However, since I’m playing around with the PS4 version, the next-gen version may not have much of a problem.

This story may also disappoint some players, and more specifically the time it takes to start the game.

There are a lot of cutscenes here, and it will definitely take hours to get the game started, as players are slowly taught various mechanics over the course of about 10 hours. For me, this is not a big deal, but it does not apply to everyone.

I just scraped the surface of the medicine seat. Like a dragon, it is still overwritten. I don’t think 10,000 words are enough for justice to be fair.

I was unable to complete a hero mission part-time. In short, help strangers in town, or personal style ties and attribute points. There is too much to do.

I mean this. If you are also a fan of Yakuza and RPG, make sure to pick this game. There are some minor issues, the gameplay changes are amazing, but you can spend a lot of time playing.

After all, you feel like you’ve known these characters for many years, and it’s a pleasure to meet them, so I didn’t break anything or speak to anyone but the best.