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Pley. gg was founded, as the popularity of Counter-Strike has grown tremendously throughout the years. However, also because the game has never really received the attention that it deserves – at least not regarding news sites. Since its launch in 2012, Counter-Strike has never had a dedicated news site despite its great popularity. is here to change that. Yes, has got every CS:GO fan’s back, and you are guaranteed to love the site! is the place for all CS:GO fans to be!

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Even throughout this pandemic, Counter-Strike has been one of the most popular games to both watch and play all over the world. CS:GO is most often streamed on the online platform Twitch, and in November, over 13 million hours was spent watching CS:GO on the platform. In other words, the popularity of this game has only grown throughout the pandemic. On you are able to read more than 20 articles a day, and you will furthermore be able to get a closer look into the lives of the popular players. Following, you will never miss an important tournament again, and you will receive news and information around the clock! So, if that sounds like anything, you could be interested in, go check out right away!