Cricket is a sport that is not well known outside the world because it is only held in three countries: Britain, India and Pakistan.

To get the idea, cricketers are only one of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world, one of whom has an exorbitant value of 31 million per year (27 nominations), 23 It is the second highest salary athlete. Of the world. , 2015.

Cricket history

This sport originated from an ancestral sport called the stool ball, and in the 17th century the British aristocrats began to adopt more cricket as a real sport, changing the current sport.

Cricket was already an Olympic sport, but withdrew from the program due to the lack of all clearly defined rules and the lack of enough practitioners worldwide. They are currently trying to include it again as the first (non-medal) exhibition sport, but they do not yet know when to do it.

Cricket game

The game of cricket is a little complicated and very different from other sports. It has very specific rules and how to play it, but some argue that it is similar to baseball (probably only in some ways).

All about Cricket [History, Rules, ...]
All about Cricket [History, Rules, …]

Each team consists of 11 players. That is, the field has no defined dimensions and is only obliged to be wider.

It is usually oval and consists of three areas:

  • Rectangle: This has two zones. Central zone and two ends (with “H”).

In the rectangular center area are two baton attackers with cricket clues.

The lower end is a pitcher and the upper end is a catcher.

  • Internal and External Spaces-Eleven defenders from the defense team will be distributed here.

Game purpose and positioning

Each attacking attacker stands in front of the warlock, one waiting for the pitcher to send the ball while the other is waiting to run.

After the ball has been thrown, the attacker may try to dribble the ball as much as possible, and the following situations may occur:

  • Earn 6 points if the ball leaves the airfield
  • If the ball leaves the field but is already touching the ground, you will get 4 points
  • If the ball is dropped and remains on the field, the bat will get the maximum number of points in the same change of position. Once the defender somehow catches the ball and sends it to the receiver, as soon as he receives the ball, they can no longer change it. Each change is worth one point.

The defensive distribution is two players (pitcher and receiver) near the rectangle, four in the inner space and five in the outer space.

All about Cricket [History, Rules, ...]
All about Cricket
How to remove the whisk

There are several ways to achieve this.

  • Drop Delwechet into a pitcher

The shot-taker balances and reaches the line on the edge of the rectangle. If the ball hits the ground once and then hits and knocks down one of the three Witchet clubs, that club is eliminated.

  • Flying ball

Like baseball, if the defender gets caught after hitting the ball before hitting the ground, the baton will be knocked out.

  • Knock down Del Witchet for defense

If the forward hits the ball and then initiates a change to gain points with other batters, the defense that caught the ball is sent from afar and either hits one of the Witcher’s sticks to defeat or receive defense. Send and break.

  • Protect your knees

The batter is eliminated if the forward protects the ball with his knees to prevent the witcher from being knocked down.

How to end the game

The game defines a number of overs per inning (game) and a specific number of games (1 or 2). An over is 6 consecutive throws by the player. If these overs are attacked by the team or succeed in defeating 10 beaters or 10 witchers 10 times, the match is over and the attacking team proceeds to defense and vice versa.

At the end of all defined games, the team with the most points wins. If you hear a tie.