A story in which heroes are completely beaten up by Thanos’s strategy to capture Infinity Stones, which sees through the collapse of the Avengers. I was impressed by the story development and the story drawn in the battle scene! !!

The third live-action movie series of ” Avengers “. This is the 19th movie in the ” MCU ” series.
Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. Staff Cast:


Thanos, the strongest enemy in the universe who invaded the earth aiming for the “Infinity Stone”, which is said to have infinite power to destroy the world if you collect six, will fight fiercely enough to endanger the Avengers Be done.

* The

the highlight is the way of life of Thanos, who is the mastermind of this battle. Vinegar predicted among the defeat tea Bun Strange of strategy, and the battle of Kan’ne most reminiscent of ” the end of the war magnificent fighting. In Wakanda
surviving Avengers is, how should challenge Thanos. This magnificent universe war of It makes me feel like I can’t wait for the next work if I want to see the conclusion.

*** (Netabare) Thanos, who has a ” Power Stone ” to exploit the weaknesses of
the Avengers who split over the “Sokovia Agreement “, attacks the ” Asgard Evacuation Ship” heading for the Earth and “Space Stone”. a, it is dispatched to the “New York” “Scott run” a confidant top while increasing the number of 3 regional co-operations and the stone that aim “time Stone,” “Mind Stone” the end of the war the strategy of facing the is splendid!

Asgard evacuation ship “Statesman”:

Power Stone saw to Thanos with, Loki, “without Sube Hulk, which forms power stone has been deprived of.” At this time, Heimdall used all his energy to take the Hulk outboard and head for the earth. Loki was killed in a fight with Thanos while hiding his brother Thor. Saw cried for this!

Thanos destroyed the Statesman and jumped into Nowhere for the “Reality Stone”. Saw was floating in space as space debris. (Lol)

New York:

Hulk was beaten by Thanos and was shocked to become the Bruce Banner, a body that could not return to Hulk. (Laughs)
Bruce tells Stress that “Thanos has stolen the stone. Maybe he’ll come here,” and Strange goes to talk with Tony Stark.

Tony Steve Rogers says that we need, but still “Sukobia Agreement” NoWada Kamari there is, while hesitate to contact, a large spaceship of Thanos Q-Ship Ebony Mau and Cal Obsidian appears in, Attack. Spider-Man who is attending school also rushed to see the Q-ship. The battle here is quite a showcase.

Ebony Maw takes off with Strange trapped in a Q-ship. Iron Man and Spider-Man invade the chasing ship after taking off the Q-ship, trap Ebony Mau, and release it into space Iron Man and Strange discuss the subsequent actions.

Strange insists on returning to Earth, but Tony insists that Thanos be ambushed and defeated by Titan when the battle on Earth will be devastating. Tony had no memory of Sokovia. I agree that Strange does not pass the Time Stone to Thanos. Was this decision correct?

” Scotland “

Wanda Maximo off and vision, the Avenger is after the division, where Scotland lived in.

While they were out, they were attacked by Thanos adjutants Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight, and they fought fiercely, but Vision was injured. But, vinegar was there to receive the communication from the blues tea Breakfast, for Rogers, Natasha people appeared, Kovasu we retreat to give up the stone taken.

Scan tea blanking us, and what should be the “Mind Stone” with the vision Avengers visited the headquarters. There was James Rodi at the headquarters who couldn’t heal his injuries. They headed to the Kingdom of Wakanda, where they have excellent medical skills, to remove the mind stones to protect their vision.

“Milan” Guardians who are
playing in space. Rescue Saw caught in the wiper of the Milan. (Lol)

Peter Quill hears about Thanos’ space domination and heads to the Nowhere Tanilia Tivan store, which holds the “Reality Stone” with Gamora, Drax, and Mandis. At this time, Gamora told Quill, “If you should meet Thanos and fall into a crisis, kill him,” but Quill couldn’t understand.
Meanwhile, Thor needs a weapon to fight Thanos and heads to the planet Nidaberia in search of a new weapon to replace Mjolnir. This includes, 
Pyro rocket and partner Groote is applied as Tsu door.


Quills who arrived at Nowhere confronted Thanos, who obtained “Reality Stone” from Tania. Gamora suddenly slashes at Thanos, and Thanos is stabbed in the chest and shows a suspicious face, “Why!”.

Thanos had only the appearance of Gamora playing innocently with a knife that he gave him “to keep the balance of the universe” with Gamora as his adopted daughter when he attacked and annihilated Zehoberi. Thanos fights for the cause of “balancing the universe” , but he has no consciousness that this is evil.

So I didn’t know that Gamora would point his sword at his father, himself. He trained Gamora thoroughly for the cause and set out on a journey to find Soul Stone with the intention of giving up the throne to Gamora.

Gamora says “No” to Thanos who asks “Did you find it?” When Thanos blame, moth Moller shouts “shoot me!” To the quill. Thanos is a gauntlet in the powerful force of, rejected the quillet al., Moth Moller the sanctuary was brought back to Ⅱ.

Sanctuary II had a sister-in-law, Nebula, who came to kill Thanos and was captured and tortured. The inside of Nepura’s brain was examined, and Gamora could no longer be deceived.
After Thanos and Gamora left for Vomia, Nepura sought help from Mantis and rushed to Titan on a Q-ship.

“Planet Nidaberia”:

The saws who arrived here. Thanos made a gauntlet here, after which the workshop was destroyed. Saw cheered Eitori of craftsmen, weapon storm shake of the king more than Mujorunia squid got over, rush to Wakanda “M shop” to steer the rocket. Saw was presented with a centerpiece by the rocket. (Lol)

“Planet Vomia”: Thanos

stands on the rock wall where the soul stone exists, and the guide Red Skull tells him that “to get the soul stone is in exchange for the soul of a loved one.” Gamora smiles, “It’s a punishment for those who haven’t loved anything,” but Thanos tears at Gamora and pushes him into the valley to get the “soul stone.” Thanos had a love for Gamora, but more than that, he had an absolute desire for the cause of “keeping the balance of the universe .”

“Titan”: It became a battle between the
first-come-first-served Iron Man, Strange Spider-Man, and the quill who rushed, but they knew that their enemies and purposes were the same and decided to fight together. (Lol)

Strange looks into the future beyond space-time and says, “There are only one out of 14 million 605 ways to win.” The answer is endgame!

Eventually, Thanos arrives and the battle begins. The strenuous battle of the heroes stopped Thanos from moving. However, when Quill, who was extremely high when he learned of Kugamora’s death, recalled Thanos’ consciousness, the situation was reversed. To save this predicament, Strange offered Thanos a time stone. Thanos put five stones in a gauntlet and jumped to Wakanda.

The top end of the war,Wakanda“:

King Thi Chara vinegar 
tea was going to extirpation of Mind Stone from the vision accept Woo Natasha Samra heroes.

Following the vision, Proxima Midnight and other Black Orders brought in countless outriders. Ti Chara wears on the barrier of the Waganda soldiers and wears on the front, opening the left-wing and trying to guide the enemy and destroy it.

While the heroes struggle, the saws fly in and the battle situation improves with the overwhelming force. Wanda listened to Vision’s final wishes and destroyed Mind Stone with him.

However, the appearance of Thanos changed the battle situation. Defeat the heroes one after another and take them back. Thanos rewinds time with the power of Time Stone and scrapes Mind Stone from the regenerated vision’s head.
With Thanos’ finger patching with all Infinity Stones, half the life of the entire universe became Chile and disappeared.

Survived vinegar tea Breakfast and Tony is at a loss, Thanos is the young Gamora in a dream mutter a “lost all finished the role”, was looking at sunrise somewhere in the planet.

Calibration of Thanos Lac has been overwhelmed by the coater. Even her daughter offers to “correct the balance of the universe.” A person who looks ruthless and is irreplaceable for aliens when viewed with a measure of thousands of years. Erasing half of the life in the universe with finger patching is like a person with the motif of a big earthquake or typhoon in the natural world. There was such a scary person in my life. But now he is the most grateful person.